About Jimmy

Who is Jimmy Smith?

Jimmy helps people to start, grow, and scale their eCommerce and traditional, offline businesses while securing and protecting their capital in the process.


With over 100,000 products sold online each year, 7-figures in annual revenue, and thousands of successful students, Jimmy Smith is one of the leading experts for selling on Amazon.

Using the strategies Jimmy teaches, thousands of Amazon and online sellers have been able to create income streams in addition to their normal jobs and then turn that into a full-time income where they can work from home and be with their family.

Speaking at events, training people 1-on-1 to get started in as little as 2-days, running an online community of thousands of students that have gone through his courses, while managing his physical products business, software company (Replen Dashboard), and other businesses, Jimmy is deeply involved in ensuring the success of sellers to be able to create a significant income from home.

Additionally, he works with businesses to help them with their offline and online presence through the Entrepreneurial Learning Institute, as well as using their cash-flow to create an asset for their company, as he does with his businesses.


Lastly, Jimmy has a podcast called Biblical Business Leaders with a free Facebook group by the same name if you'd like to learn more about building and scaling a business from a Biblical perspective.